Re-opening of Sunday services

21/03/2021 09:23
Church reopening - providing there is no change in the Covid restrictions and with Presbytery's permission, we intend to reopen St Leonard's Church for worship on Easter Sunday, (4th April), at 11 a.m. Numbers will be limited to 50, and so spaces will require to be booked because it's Easter....

Christian Aid at Lent

22/01/2021 13:43
Please see attached regarding Christian Aid at Lent.     Christian Aid at Lent.pdf (31661) If you would like to help others, you can visit the website:  

Update on Church Services

23/12/2020 14:57
Message from Rev. Brian Hendrie Just a short note to advise you that owing to the latest Covid-19 guidelines, there will be no worship services in church for the next three Sundays at least. I'll keep you informed about a date for re-opening. Please remember Dial-A-Sermon on 01292-439777. I also...

Re-opening of Sunday services

09/12/2020 13:40
Both St. Leonard's and Dalrymple Parish churches will re-open on Sunday 13th December, as a maximum of 50 people are allowed under Level Three guidelines. The re-opening is for Sunday services only. Rev. Hendrie will continue to record Dial-a-Sermon each week on 01292 439777.  

Update on Church Services

06/12/2020 09:27
With regard to the current guidelines, if South Ayrshire and East Ayrshire Councils are moved back into Level 3 this week, Rev Brian Hendrie proposes re-opening both churches on Sunday 13th December. However if both councils remain in Level 4, then the churches will remain closed and 'Church...

Sunday Services

29/11/2020 10:36
Sadly at the moment given the current lockdown, Sunday services are cancelled until after 11th December when goverment advice will determine if they re-open again before Christmas. In the meantime Rev. Brian Hendrie will be producing his weekly video 'Church without Frills' and phone in service.

Christmas Eve services

29/11/2020 10:35
Christmas Eve - under current restrictions, there is no possibility of holding Christmas Eve services in either Dalrymple or St Leonard's. The numbers are always high at these services and, sadly, that cannot happen this year, so both services will be postponed. We will continue with...

Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child

28/10/2020 09:42
Samaritan’s Purse is an international relief and development organisation that works through local churches in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It also has offices in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia. You may have come across our Operation Christmas Child...

Christian Aid service online

28/10/2020 09:40
All are welcome to attend the Christian Aid service “From Darkness to Light” online on Facebook or at the link below on 4 November at 5.30p.m. “We’ve all been through enormous change and loss during the coronavirus pandemic, especially those who have lost a loved one. This special service of...

Sunday Services 11th October cancelled

07/10/2020 14:16
Rev. Brian Hendrie has decided to cancel the services at St Leonard's and Dalrymple this Sunday 11th October, due to a member of the congregation being confirmed with Covid-19. After receiving guidance, it was felt the safest decision to make under the circumstances. Brian will still be...
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