Christian Aid Advent

06/12/2023 11:02

Christian Aid - Time to Shine
Christian Aid is focusing on Bangladesh this Advent: "In one of the most disaster-prone areas of Bangladesh, an extraordinary group of gifted artisans and entrepreneurs are embracing new technology to revive ancient artforms and share their talents with the world. Life is challenging in Kuringram, Northern Bangladesh. The climate crisis is hitting people hard, wreaking havoc on traditional farming livelihoods. For women, opportunities are even more limited. Girls are often married young, and there's little scope for study or paid work. This was until Kakoli Khatun and a community of talented women came together to forge their own paths, setting up a business to sell their beautiful craftwork online... Christian Aid's partner, Aid Comilla, provided start-up support and training... When women earn an independent income, they can transform their prospects, opening up new opportunities that could take their whole family out of poverty. But the benefits don't stop there. Kakoli and her colleagues are working alongside Aid Comilla to drive long-term change, shining as beacons of hope and inspiring generations to come. Please support the Christmas appeal at Thank you."