The Minister

The nominating Committee elected by the congregations of Ayr St Leonard’s and Dalrymple chose Rev Brian Robert Hendrie as their sole nominee. 

He conducted worship in both churches on Sunday 11th January, 2015 after which those on the Electoral Register voted enthusiastically to have Rev Brian Hendrie become their new minister.

Brian is married to Yvonne and they have one daughter Chloe.

Brian has placed great emphasis on his pastoral work in all his congregations with particular emphasis on children and young people.  In the course of his ministry he has carefully embarked on many innovative ideas in outreach to the communities in which he worked.

Brian has been a very popular, well loved and respected minister in all his charges and your Nominating Committee believe that he is without doubt the man who, with the help and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, can lead the congregations at Ayr St Leonards and Dalrymple into the future that God intends for them.

St Leonard's "News & Views"  Winter Edition 2017

Message from Brian

Dear friends

The author Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote a poem called "The Lamplighter". The poem was a reflection of his childhood growing up in Edinburgh. As a boy, on winter nights he would often watch a lamplighter making his rounds, lighting the street lamps one by one. Stevenson watched him as he climbed his ladder at each post, leaving a warm glow behind, and on one particular occasion he supposedly remarked:

" Look at that man! He's punching holes in the darkness"

Jesus called himself ' The Light of the World' and his teaching is truly a source of light to all who believe in him. But it was, and is, through his deeds and encounters with people that his luminous goodness shines through. People come to him in darkness and find themselves bathed in light.

The Light of Christ is a persistent light and has the power to draw people to its shining. It's not false reassurance that all's well when it clearly isn't! It shines in the midst of devastation and upheaval and is a defiant light, which no darkness can understand or overpower.

We can 'punch holes in the darkness' by choosing to live the way Jesus wants us to. Seeing others through the eyes of Christ and handling situations as he might handle them. Of course, this is often too difficult for us, but nevertheless, we must strive to follow his light and that can only begin deep within our spirits. Nelson Mandela once said "One of the things I learnt when I was negotiating was this, that until I changed myself I could not change others" And the rest, as they say, is history!

May the Light of the World bring peace to you and yours in this Christmas season and beyond.