Singing for Fun Choir

15/08/2017 11:56

After a very successful opening season last year, under our wonderful Musical Director Morag, the Singing for Fun Choir is all set for our second season.

The choir meets in St Leonard’s Hall and sings a wide variety of songs ranging from the Jeely Piece Song, through songs from the shows and on to traditional songs from many countries.  The choir could almost be called the Four Nations Choir as we have regular members from all four home nations who all have the chance to sing their favourite songs.

The dates and times for the first part of the season are Thurs 21st September 8-9pm, Thurs 26th October 3-4pm, Thurs 16th November 8-9pm, Thurs 14th December 8-9pm. Please note 26th October is an afternoon time.

No musical skills are required. It is not necessary to read music. The only requirement is the wish to join in the fun for an hour and get the mental and physical boost from the endorphins that choral singing has been proven to give.

Membership is open to all and no charge is made. Come along and join in and tell your friends. They don’t have to be members of St Leonards - many members aren’t!