Message from Rev. Brian Hendrie

10/05/2020 10:29

Dear All

As we continue along this lock-down path, I hope and pray that you're coping with the challenges that lock-down is bringing. For those of us who are blessed with gardens, the good weather has certainly been an advantage. However, my heart goes out to those of you who are still prevented from meeting with loved ones, especially children and grandchildren. I am  still enjoying my cycling on the quieter roads ... and have met some St Leonard's members from time to time - from the appropriate distance!

Also, as one of my final duties as Moderator of Ayr Presbytery, I'm conducting an 'online' induction this Tuesday for the new minister at St Andrew's Church. A small group of us are doing the induction on Skype! Eventually the short induction service will go on the Ayr Presbytery website, which can be viewed there.

Next month, my good friend, Rev Dave Prentice-Hyers of Troon Old Parish Church will take over from me as the new Moderator of Presbytery. My time as Moderator has been challenging, but fulfilling; and I've think I've made history by serving for two consecutive terms ... and ... for being the first Moderator of Ayr Presbytery to induct another minister via the wonders of the internet!

And finally, next Saturday, (16th May), the new Moderator of The General Assembly, (Rev Martin Fair), will be installed in a special service at 11 a.m. This will be live on the Church of Scotland website.

With warmest regards meantime from all at the manse.

The Lord bless you and keep you.