Christian Aid 03rd April

02/04/2022 16:02


On Sunday 3 April, churches and Christians from across the UK and Ireland will come together in an act of witness.

You can join this action in the following ways:

  • PRAY - Join with Christians across the country by reading out one of our prayers for Ukraine in your service on 3 April
  • ORGANISE - Arrange a visible act of witness at 2pm on the day, or as part your regular service. This could involve wearing blue and yellow, lighting candles, holding a moment of silence, or holding up blue and yellow hearts as an act of solidarity.
  • SHARE - Share photographs of your acts of witness on social media with the hashtag #WePrayForUkraine
  • JOIN - If you're in London, join us for a vigil outside the embassy of Ukraine at 1.50pm on 3 April. 

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