Christian Aid Week

24/04/2022 08:19

Christian Aid Week 15th – 21st May


Christian Aid communications acknowledge that “...many of you have faced challenges in the last two years and understand that coronavirus has deeply impacted your family, church and fundraising efforts. Yet we still look towards the future and to this year’s Christian Aid Week giving with a hopeful heart.”
Help Jessica turn hunger into hope: “Drought starves. It robs women of the power to farm and grow food for their families. In rural Zimbabwe, seven out of ten women rely on farming to earn a living and provide for their families. But with no rain, women can’t grow enough food. For Jessica Mwedzi drought means every day is a struggle for survival. She toils on her farm, but no food can grow on her ashen land....Jessica is at the mercy of the climate crisis... This Christian Aid Week you can help this loving mum turn hunger into hope. Hand in hand with your church and community, you can restore justice to our world and protect the future for our children and grandchildren.”
(More information to follow on Christian Aid Week at St. Leonard’s.)